DARK SENSE at the EIFF Work in Progress

So this is the short industry trailer we put together for the Edinburgh Film Festivals work in progress presentation. We also included two extra clips just to give a taster of what the film was like. Off the back of the presentation we’ve had a number of requests for links to show the full film from Sales Agents. Sales reps are crucial for selling the film internationally. We’ve also had a couple of offers but so far we’re resisting these as they’re not inspiring! I’ll do a wee video soon with a more detailed update.

Other clips in the presentation:

Previous Comments:

Nice work, Magnus! That hangs together really well 🙂
jul 16
Simone Pereira Hind
Looks great. Me too! Desperate to see the whole thing! Best of luck with the sales agents!
jul 2
Per Junel
Nice! Great work! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see the full film!