First and Only Backers Update Apr 2018

Backers update where we talk name change, current state of the film and next steps.

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Andrew Jefferson-Tierney
Well done Magnus and team cannot wait to see the film. Great new title too
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Alistair Rutherford
Great update, Magnus, and just underlines the amount of hard work you and Simone continue to do for the film. Your attention to detail is wonderful.
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Simone Pereira Hind
All good decisions! Am hoping to see the film at a festival near us sometime soon……good luck!
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Colin J Monk
Excellent update Magnus! The new title seems very fitting. Best of luck with everything coming together over the next few weeks and beyond!
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Owen O’Leary
Love the new name Magnus! Fascinating to learn the process involved. Your dedication to delivering the best possible film and commitment to the process is an inspiration to everyone working on creative projects. Can’t wait to see the results.
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Magnus Wake
Thanks for all the comments folks. Glad people like the direction we’re moving in!