The First and Only Rebrand

First and Only, the exciting new thriller film from directing and producing duo Magnus Wake and Simone Bett, is re-branding under the new title DARK SENSE.
The team behind the film decided to make the switch to more firmly place the film within the genre market. Director Magnus Wake said, “Although we’ve got a deep loyalty to the original novel First and Only, we felt that the film had to appeal more to the thriller and horror market. We’ve had a lot of feedback from experienced industry insiders and one comment that kept coming back was that the title sounds like a love story.”
The new title is targeted to invoke some of the genre hits referenced by Bett and Wake, films such Sixth Sense and Sense8.
Producer Simone Bett said, “Adding the word ‘Dark’ into the mix also works well for us as some of the visions that our lead character Simon sees are of his own coming death at the hands of a serial killer. You don’t get much darker than that! I would stress though we still have tried to remain true to the sentiments of the book both in terms of the characters and the plot.”
DARK SENSE is currently in post-production and will be first shown at film festivals with a release date of late 2018 or early 2019.