The Story


Simon, a powerful psychic, has seen his future – a serial killer will torture him to death. He has just five days to change the future. If he can. This isn’t the first time the psychic and the psychopath have met. As a boy, Simon had another vision – of the killer slaughtering his friend. Simon couldn’t stop that crime, and the tragedy scarred him deeply, leaving him unable to use his powers.
In the present, Simon hires a troubled ex-SAS soldier as a bodyguard. But when MI5 intervene and try to grab Simon for their own nefarious purposes, the plan goes awry. With the bodyguard out of action, the killer murders his way closer and closer to Simon.
In the killer’s secret lair, Simon finally confronts his nemesis. Will he finally realise the true extent of his powers and manage to save himself in the gripping climax of the film?

Original Book

Dark Sense is based on the best-selling novel First and Only by Peter Flannery.

First self-published on Amazon in 2011 it went on to be listed as a best seller and has gone on to be published in paperback and audio book formats with sales from around the world. More information can be found on Peter’s own website.


 Short Film

Initial crowdfunding via Indigogo raised over £50k and allowed for the film to developed. As part of the initial process, we filmed a prologue section of the main feature film. Professional crews filmed on Red Epic, the same filming format utilised for The Hobbit by Peter Jackson. Cast from Outlander and Game of Thrones appeared in the short and in March 2016 the film was accepted to the Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Corner. It has proved very successful internationally with selections in the US, UK and EU.